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Data Center
This is really interesting; I think 🙂 And so that you know, world population at the moment is something like 7.018 billion, if I remember it correctly.
What is the world’s data storage capacity? | SmartPlanet.

And how about the ways technology can help our health?

Technology is improving our health
Here’s a comprehensive article about how technology can be our friend and not our enemy.
Good point to consider more the positive things and not to stuck on the negatives.

-> 8 ways technology is improving your health

Out of interest
According to Nielsen Apples new iPhone is reaching up Android if compared to sales in the US. And at the same time Sony Ericsson announced that they Android phone sales were like -20% in the last quarter. Only Samsung is doing well with the better models of Android phones. I wonder why since in my opinion HTC’s Android phones are way better to use. We’ll have to wait and see how Nokias new Lumia phones with Windows platform shakes the market. impact of the new iphone 4s is enormous, says nielsen